Clean Cravings

Brand Identity and Packaging

Clean Cravings was born out of the desire to make healthy funky again. We wanted to peel back the layers and find out what could make this hearty brand resonate with health-junkies and serial-snackers alike. Being a sub-brand of ‘The Grocer’, a premium, fresh, and healthy grocery brand in Egypt, we wanted to give this brand its own iconic and unique identity that helps it stand out amongst its competitors on the shelf. We needed to keep that objective in mind to create a brand that would be strong enough to stand strongly on its own.

Looking at this brand’s journey as a whole, we planted the seeds and nurtured what would become the forbidden fruit of the health-snack industry in Egypt. Flavoring the brand identity with hints of goodness and a fun-loving nature that would give any competitor a run for its money, or should we say juices? Every touchpoint was as critical as the last and in light of the desire to make healthy cool again, we delved deep and whole-heartedly to produce something we, and our consumers, can be proud of. 

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