Brand Identity

Notes is a new brand that roasts and provides specialty coffee. The concept was built on an extraordinary passion for the craft of coffee as well as the pleasure in sharing a perfect cup. Founded by an Egyptian-American couple who are constantly in search of that perfect extraction, the Notes brand is dedicated to the provision of beans that are sourced and roasted without compromise. 

The owners of the brand buy their green coffee beans from all over the world and roast them at their roasting facility. Both partners are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association in roasting and barista skills. The brand’s name is inspired by the term and meaning behind the word: notes. Their ultimate goal was to create a brand that sells perfectly balanced roasted coffee, giving the buyer a simply profound experience.

Packaging Concept 

For each package we illustrated different characters performing various activities: dancing, drinking coffee, or just having a good time. The packaging designs portray people in traditional garb, linking the packaging design to the beans’ origins and is made of craft paper so as to reflect the raw, natural, and sustainable side of the brand. In order to make the production process easier, we created different tags that are added to the craft pack. These tags include a label of the logo, illustration for the variant, origin stamp, and a pattern that reflects the origin which can be used as a bookmark.

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